Single Figurine Female Dancer

Order No.: 000001-73456-1
26x25 cm, 2300 g
The sculptor and Meissen porcelain sculptor Karl Theodor Eichler immortalized the "Female Dancer" in 1911 in the form of a porcelain sculpture, which is quite impressive with its extraordinary liveliness and attention to detail. The model was the American dancer Loie (Marie Louise) Fuller (1862 -1928), who made her debut in Paris in November 1892 and had a dance theatre in Paris especially built for her since the Paris World Exhibition in 1900. There she fascinated her audience with completely new and extremely effective veil dances and light arrangements.
Decor: white
Designer / Artist: theodor eichler
Year of Creation: 1911
Height: 26 cm
Width: 25 cm
Depth: 19 cm
Weight: 2300 g