Waves Relief Whiskey Tumbler

Order No.: 000001-55405-1
9 cm, 220 g
The design of the whiskey tumblers "Waves Relief" goes back to the Meissen artist Sabine Wachs, who developed this fascinating decor between 1994 and 1996. Water has always fascinated us humans. This fascination is also obvious in the game of waves, which is reflected in the decoration "Waves". The whiskey tumblers "Waves Relief" captures wave movements of various kinds in its filigree relief. While the upper part of the tumbler is inspired by the waves of a stormy sea, the lower part seems to imitate the movement of water on a quiet day. The "whiskey tumblers" can also be combined with other nautical services. A beautiful Christmas present.
Decor: waves relief
Designer / Artist: sabine wachs
Year of Creation: 1994-1996
Height: 9 cm
Diameter: 8 cm
Volume: 0.15 l
Weight: 220 g
Dishwasher-Safe: yes