Butterfly Collection Vide-Poche, Large

Order No.: 000001-53280-1
5x21 cm, 580 g
Perched on the sleek shape of the vide poche, the porcelain butterflies sit as though they had just landed a moment ago, their wings still fluttering. They are one of the first harbingers of spring; a figure that radiates joy and light-heartedness. The butterflies' delicate bodies are a testament to the precise embossing techniques upheld by Meissen's artisans. The various parts of the wings are retouched by hand - with a special focus placed on their veins and cells - and then applied to the surface. The geometric lines of the vide poche and its glossy white surface stand in stark contrast to the elaborate, filigree ornamentation. A lively interplay of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design captured in exquisite porcelain.
Decor: white
Designer / Artist: meissen atelier
Year of Creation: 2018
Height: 5 cm
Width: 21 cm
Depth: 18 cm
Weight: 580 g