Amphitrite Table Lamp

Order No.: 000001-51M66-1
80 cm, 6300 g
Highly detailed sculpted seahorses form the porcelain pedestal upon which the archaic-looking spherical shape rests which lends the table lamp its mythological allure. The flawless surface of the bulbous shape allows the unique shimmer of Meissen porcelain to truly stand out. The theme of water, especially in connection with Greek mythology, has a long, lively tradition at MEISSEN. Whether during the Baroque era in pieces by Johann Joachim Kaendler or in contemporary works and sculptural objects, it is these flowing shapes, these subtle swirls and currents that spur the imagination of Meissen´s artisans, creating exquisite works of art in Meissen porcelain.
Height: 80 cm
Diameter: 45 cm
Weight: 6300 g